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New favicon

June 16, 2023

I FINALLY made a favicon for this site. Davecomic and Plants will have their own favicons (and I'll probably need to make a script to add them, because that's over 100 html files to go through).

Finally, a redesign

April 29, 2023

The past couple months I've mostly logged off from the Worldwide; I did some cool stuff during that time though. I got 3DS Max 2.5 (from 1998) to work and I did some cool retro 3D stuff with it. I've been teaching myself to code DOS homebrew stuff in C, and I have some cool ideas for homebrew DOS games.
Anyways, the redesign. Well, it's finally happening. The main page looks pretty damn good; Other areas still need work.

I've decided against targeting old browsers; It's a fun idea, but in practice most people are going to use a modern browser, and even most people who would be interested in that idea would still only do that occasionally for fun and still use modern browsers as their daily driver.

Fun with 404s

February 22, 2023

Davecomic now has it's own 404 page, seperate from what the rest of the site shows. While Neocities only lets you have a single 404 page throughout the entire site, there's an interesting quirk: The 404 page is loaded in the directory of whatever thing you tried to access. This means that if you want an image to show up, you have to use an absolute link rather than a relative link. I found this to be a bit annoying at first, but I realized a way you could take advantage of this.

I simply have a bit of JS check what the current directory is. If it's the "dave" folder, then it redirects the page to the custom Davecomic 404 page. Simple as that.

Initially I was checking if an image that only exists in that directory loaded, but that had some issues, namely there wasn't any straightforward way to differentiate "this image doesn't exist" to "this image is still loading". And I wanted to make it so that the default 404 message wouldn't show up at all unless it was confirmed that it was a normal 404 (the brief flash of it was rather distracting). So that was fixed.

I'm planning to eventually make another special 404 page for Actual Plants.

Redesign (and other stuff)

February 4, 2023

Recently, I changed the main page to be pretty much nothing but links to Davecomic and Actual Plants. I'm just now reinstating a blog. The site was a mess, and other than the best parts, I'm gradually rebuilding the site from the ground up. Here are some key points about what the site is planned to look like in the future: I'm still uncertain about some things (notably how compatible I want to make the site compatible with old browsers).
Last week, I got my hands on a Tandy 1000 that was retrieved from a relative's garage! Just today, I turned it on for the first time, and it still worked! All I have to use with it right now is MS-DOS 2.11 and GW-BASIC. I need to get some more floppies.
There might be more old computers in that garage. I'm hoping there are.

New Christmas Animation

December 24, 2022

Here's a sequel to "christmas time", a 20 second animation I made last christmas. This one is 2 MINUTES longer; it's my longest animation thus far.

Return to Blog

December 3, 2022

I've been back online for like 2 weeks now, but I kept neglecting to post here.
Yeah, between August and November, I was AFK for longer than I'd like, due to IRL shenanigans. My site became over a year old shortly after, but I was hard at work doing other stuff and completely forgot. And also 40,000+ views. I still have literally no idea who looks at my content.
I keep alluding to a redesign that keeps not happening. But when I do, it will not be the final look of the site. I will likely redesign it every so often as long as this site is active.

Rundown of what I've been doing the past couple of weeks:

For like a week I was working on a little platform game engine in JavaScript. It's pretty cool, but it's still really barebones and is nothing more than a smiley face square player surrounded by smiley face square tiles. I did some cool things with it, such as positions being kept track of in subpixels.

Next, I recently got around to installing VirtualBox on this computer and set up a Windows 2000 VM, the family computer OS of my childhood. I've been installing games I haven't played in years, some that I've never played but have a similar vibe, popular applications of the time, and generally aiming for the experience of using a computer filled with so much crap of which half of it is a mystery where it came from.

Someday I'm going to create a shrine on my site for the shovelware publisher and their games that made me who I am today, eGames. The crust, the jank, and the hidden gems. The rabbit holes of exceedingly obscure game developers. Stay tuned for that.

Boring Update

August 23, 2022

this month was heck short. anyways.
Within the next 25 years I will redesign this blasted site. The design, layout, etc. Most pages will be made from the ground up instead of every page following the same template. I have plans that I simply do not have the skill level to achieve yet, but I can just set those aside for now because i just want this site to not suck (outside of the good areas) for once.
only 13 comics left in the davecomic backlog! lets see if i can get them all out before the 1-yearniversary of this site. and also actual plants is looking sad right now, but i haven't had the motivation to update that.
last night i had a dream where i made a very deep davecomic about pringles that kept contradicting itself every few seconds