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Keen 1 Redrawn

Info and Progress

Keen 1 Mod
StatusIn Development
Progress<25% of tiles done
0% everything else
PCKF Development Thread
This is something that I've been attempting to do on and off since 2018. It's a skin mod of Keen 1 with all the tiles and sprites redrawn. I've done just about every easy graphic, so progress is a bit slow now.

I plan for this mod to be released in 2 versions at first: One with additional tiles added and modifications to the levels to account for this, and another made to be compatible with all Keen 1 levelpacks that don't modify the graphics. The former would be recommended if you just want to play Keen 1 with this skin.

I intend to redraw the remaining Vorticons games once this is done.

(Note that these screenshots are from mid-late 2021 and I've done some more work since then. I'll update them later.)

My first attempt at redrawing the graphics back in 2018 arguably looked worse than the original Keen 1:

The oldest graphics in the current version date back to late 2019.

In 2022 this mod won a Keen Award for Best Graphical Artwork.