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Into The Computerwrist

Info and Progress

Keen 3 Mod
Progress13 levels of varying quality done
A couple sprites done
I started this mod back in 2016 and haven't touched it since summer 2017. Keen gets sucked inside his computerwrist and there's viruses and stuff. The point items are giant pixels.

I abandoned it because it was too similar to Mondochrome by Commander Spleen. After which I planned to start a similar mod where Keen gets sucked inside Windows 3.1... and then The Mortix by Quillax was announced! So I abandoned that too. At least I didn't start that one.

I'm unsure what to do with this mod. It's definitely subpar by my current standards, but there are a couple interesting things in it. I could incorporate those into my newer mods or I could just release what I made so far as-is (maybe cleaned up a bit).