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I'm Plerb: an amateur artist/developer/creator of weird stuff.


Retro computing: I'm particularly nostalgic for 1990s and early 2000s PCs, but I'm still fascinated by just about the entire history of computing from before the 2010s. I have a Tandy 1000 and I hope to get more old computers.
DOS games: Especially those of id Software; Commander Keen and Doom in particular are my favorites. I'm super into the modding of both games.
Extremely obscure 90s and early 2000s Windows games: Most games I played as a kid that weren't DOS games have a MobyGames page and that's about all you'll find about them on the internet. You usually find them on shovelware CDs that massively overstate the amount of games contained on them. They can range anywhere from amusingly janky to genuinely really good.
Early CGI: Anything up to the very early 2000s, with the 90s in particular. It's probably my favorite visual asethetic, period. It's sadly overlooked in favor of stuff like low-poly models and pixel art (both of which I like too, to be fair), and on the rare occasions people do try to imitate it, it usually looks way too new, due to using modern 3D software and then not bothering to turn off light bouncing or whatever (which early CGI doesn't have, light sticks to one place only and then creates very harsh shadows). The stuff made in genuine 90s software is what I like to see the most.
The old internet: Up to the early 2010s or so when social media started becoming common. I vastly prefer the old internet's method of everything being scattered around vs. most activity being from a few of the top sites. I also vastly prefer the visual style of old websites. Fortunately, aspects of the old internet such as personal websites and forums are far from dead, as people sometimes claim they are.
The Demoscene: I love tracker music, and the pushing of boundaries with old hardware.
YouTube Poop: I used to be super into YTPs but I haven't seen many good ones lately. They tend to be more miss than hit, but when they're good, they're good. I quote Zelda CDI daily.
Speedrunning: My interest in this comes and goes, but I find them fascinating and I've dabbled in it myself somewhat.

stuff i tend to make

Commander Keen and Doom mods: I've been modding Keen since 2014. I dabbled in Doom modding a tiny bit since 2016 but I only really got into it in 2023. I haven't released very much of my stuff, yet.
Comics and other strange writings: Most of my focus in this area is towards Davecomic. Actual Plants has been severely neglected. I also made some other shitty comics that used to be on this site, and I'm still debating when/if to reinstate them.
Flash Animations: My Flash version of choice is MX 2004. I made a bunch of animations in late 2021 to early 2022 but my inspiration for animating has run dry lately.
Tracker music: I usually use OpenMPT. I also make a bunch of tracks using the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth instruments which I refer to as "pseudo-MIDIs", and I plan to make them actual MIDIs later.
DOS Programming: I started out with QuickBASIC and more recently I've been doing stuff in C. It requires a lot of focus which I'm not always able to muster up.
Pixel Art: I'm disproportionately skilled in this area vs. other areas of art.
Retro-style CGI: As I mentioned earlier in this page, I love early CGI a lot. I use 3DS Max 2.5 from 1998.

Where else you can find me

Neocities Profile, for updates to the site you're currently looking at.
Public Commander Keen Forum: Pandakeen. I'm fairly active here.
KeenWiki: Pandakeen. My activity here fluctuates.
Doomworld: Plerb. I try to be somewhat active here.
Doom Wiki: Plerb. Hopefully I'll become more active here in the future.
Doom Speed Demos Archive: Plerb. Note: You can't actually have accounts on this site, this is merely a collection of all speed demos I've posted on Doomworld, compiled by the archive maintainer.
YouTube: plerb tech. I upload very infrequently.
Pixeljoint: Plerb. Haven't used this in a while. Plerb. Mostly joined this site to post my speedruns of BuzzingCars, which I haven't done much of lately.

Site Credits

Most of the site is by me
Melodic Spaceship helped code some of the stuff, and contributed a few fake ads
Various animated GIFs are taken from Gifcities and also Mediator 6 (a multimedia program from 2000)
Various background images are taken from
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